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Tradition, Experience, Passion to achieve the best result   

The Frantoio Bo dates back to 1867, as testified by documents unearthed from family archives. In those days oil was kept in large earthenware jars and was a rare, highly prized and valuable trading commodity: a litre of oil was equivalent to 1 kg of Parmesan cheese or 1 kg of fillet steak. Ours jars. Clicca per ingradire

The oil was obtained by a rudimentary process compared with that used today. Inferior olives were picked up from the ground and kept indoors for several days before being pressed in a traditional stone press rotated by hand or by animal power.
The pulp obtained was spread over coconut fibre mats which were stacked in piles and placed in a screw press and pressed again and again. On more productive days 600-1000 kilograms of olives were processed and about 100 kg produced an average of 13-15 litres of oil. The actual yield depended on the quality of the olives, their ripeness, and above all the skill of the mill-hand. The old olive mill. Clicca per ingradire In fact, oil used to be particularly sharp with a high acidity level.With the advent of the first electric presses, technology evolved and the Bo family, faithful to their century-old traditions, invested considerable energy and effort, reaching increasingly higher standards. Today the Frantoio Bo’s plant is used by more than 1500 farmers in the Gulf of Tigullio, which represents a prestigious target in Liguria - and indeed in Italy - for artisans like ourselves who are dedicated to specializing more and more in a quality “niche” market.